miércoles, 29 de abril de 2015

the warm singing style of jeri southern — the complete decca years 1951-1957, cd 1

Orchestra Conducted by Camarata
1. You Better Go Now
2. Baby Did You Hear?

Orchestra Conducted by Sy Oliver
3. Give Me Time
4. I Thought Of You Last Night
5. What Good Am I Without You?
6. Something I Dreamed Last Night

Orchestra Conducted by Victor Young
7. A Mighty Pretty Waltz
8. When I Fall In Love
9. Call Me Tonight

Orchestra Conducted by Norman Leyden
10. Forgive And Forget
11. The Ruby And The Pearl
12. Dancing On The Ceiling
13. Querida

Orchestra Conducted by Lew Douglas
14. I Saw You Again
15. Just Got To Have Him Around
16. Weep For The Boy

Orchestra Conducted by Camarata
17. You Said
18. Autumn In My Heart
19. Speak Softly To Me
20. That Ole Devil Called Love

Dave Barbour Trio
21. Miss Johnson Phoned Again Today
22. The Very Thought Of You
23. Cabin
24. I'm In Love With The Honorable Mr. So-And-So

The Warm Singing Style Of Jeri Southern — The Complete Decca Years 1951-1957, CD 1

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gpdlt2000 dijo...

The file has expired. Could you please re-up it?
Thanks in advance and a happy 2016!

niki dijo...

I can't re-up the old entries on this blog, as I've said several times on other occassions.

I intend to upload, in the next weeks, if it's possible, the two discs left of this interesting box-set.

I'm sorry you missed this one and I wish you a Happy New Year.