sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2016

the lovin' spoonful: do you believe in magic & daydream

Do You Believe In Magic
1. Do You Believe In Magic
2. Blues In The Bottle
3. Sportin' Life
4. My Gal
5. You Baby
6. Fishin' Blues
7. Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?
8. Wild About My Lovin'
9. Other Side Of This Life
10. Younger Girl
11. On The Road Again
12. Night Owl Blues

Bonus Tracks
13. Alley Oop
14. Blues In The Bottle
15. Wild About My Lovin'
17. Other Side Of This Life

1. Daydream
2. There She Is
3. It's Not Time Now
4. Warm Baby
5. Day Blues
6. Let The Boy Rock And Roll
7. Jug Band Music
8. Didn't Want To Have To Do It
9. You Didn't Have To Be So Nice
10. Bald Headed Lena
11. Butchie's Tune
12. Big Noise From Speonk

Bonus Tracks
13. Fishin' Blues
14. Didn't Want To Have To Do It
15. Jug Band Music
16. Daydream
17. Night Owl Blues

The Lovin' Spoonful: Do You Believe In Magic & Daydream

domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2016

nuit d'étoiles — mélodies françaises

Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924)
1. Après un rêve
2. Sylvie
3. Au bord de l'eau
4. Lydia
5. Le papillon et la fleur
6. Mandoline
7. Clair de lune
8. Les berceaux

Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
9-11. 3 Chansons de Bilitis
12-14. Fêtes galantes - 1er recueil
15. Nuit d'étoiles
16. Beau soir
17. Fleur des blés
18. La Belle au bois dormant
19. Noël des enfants qui n'ont plus de maison

Francis Poulenc (1899-1963)
20-24. Banalités
25-26. 2 Mélodies de Guillaume Apollinaire
27. Les chemins de l'amour

Nuit d'étoiles — Mélodies françaises

Véronique Gens, soprano
Roger Vignoles, piano 

jueves, 22 de diciembre de 2016

viento de cine — 5 — sintonía pastoral

[Esta historia verídica e increíble, desclasificada de los archivos secretos del añorado programa radiofónico «Viento de Cine», da fe de que la inimitable voz del crítico Óscar Rueda llegaba a los rincones más apartados, y a las criaturas más insospechadas, de Hesperia, de Hispania, o, por usar la hermosa y castiza imagen, de la piel de toro.]


Entre la fauna de oyentes del programa radiofónico «Viento de Cine», contábase un rebaño de vacas de un pueblecito leonés.

Desde que escuchaban «Viento de Cine», decía su amo, el señor Ordóñez, las vacas daban un litro de leche más (por término medio).

Antes de acostarse, el señor Ordóñez llevaba su viejo transistor al establo, y lo colocaba entre la paja. Ellas esperaban ansiosas el momento de sintonizar. Cuando lo veían aparecer, proferían histéricos mugidos de alegría.

—No sé cómo os puede gustar esa basura —solía decirles a las bestias el señor Ordóñez, quien aseguraba no escuchar nunca el programa.


Cierta noche, las vacas del pueblecito leonés se quedaron sin «Viento de Cine». El transistor había desaparecido misteriosamente.

El señor Ordóñez se frotaba los sesos, intentando hallar alguna solución al enigma.

Días después, una de las vacas cayó enferma. El señor Ordóñez llamó al veterinario, quien, tras un concienzudo examen, diagnosticó:

—Transistor en la barriga.

El señor Ordóñez reconstruyó mentalmente los hechos. La vaca, estirando un poco el hocico, había engullido el adorado transistor.

—Acérquese —dijo el veterinario—, y escuche. Esto es asombroso.

El señor Ordóñez arrimó la oreja al vientre de la vaca, y pudo distinguir la inconfundible voz de Óscar Rueda bramando desde los intestinos del animal:

—¡Sáquenme! ¡Sáquenme de aquí!

A partir de entonces, mucha gente acudía al establo para escuchar «Viento de Cine» a través de la tripa de una vaca. Según decían los paletos, era más chic.

Escrito por niki & Alan

lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2016

the four freshmen: ... and five saxes / ... and five guitars

The Four Freshmen ... And Five Saxes
1. Liza
2. You've Got Me Cryin' Again
3. This Can't Be Love
4. The Very Thought Of You
5. East Of The Sun
6. I May Be Wrong
7. There's No One But You
8. Sometimes I'm Happy
9. For All We Know
10. Lullaby In Rhythm
11. This Love Of Mine
12. I Get Along Without You Very Well

The Four Freshmen ... And Five Guitars
13. Rain
14. The More I See You
15. This October
16. Don't Worry 'Bout Me
17. It's A Pity To Say Goodnight
18. Oh Lonely Winter
19. It All Depends On You
20. Nancy (With The Laughing Face)
21. I Never Knew
22. Invitation
23. I Understand
24. Come Rain Or Come Shine

The Four Freshmen: ... And Five Saxes / ... And Five Guitars  

domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2016

henri salvador: room with a view (chambre avec vue)

1. Jazz Silver Moon-Light
2. Jardim
3. Room With A View
4. J'ai Vu
5. All I Really Want Is Love [Featuring Lisa Ekdahl]
6. La Muraille De Chine
7. Il Fait Dimanche
8. Un Tour De Manège [Featuring Toots Thielemans]
9. Vagabond
10. Je Sais Que Tu Sais
11. Mademoiselle
12. Faire Des Ronds Dans L'Eau
13. Aime-Moi
14. Le Fou De La Reine [Featuring Françoise Hardy]

Henri Salvador: Room With A View (Chambre Avec Vue)

martes, 6 de diciembre de 2016

bob dylan: biograph, disc three

1. Caribbean Wind
2. Up To Me
3. Baby, I'm In The Mood For You
4. I Wanna Be Your Lover
5. I Want You
6. Heart Of Mine
7. On A Night Like This
8. Just Like A Woman
9. Romance In Durango
10. Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
11. Gotta Serve Somebody
12. I Believe In You
13. Time Passes Slowly
14. I Shall Be Released
15. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
16. All Along The Watchtower
17. Solid Rock
18. Forever Young

Bob Dylan: Biograph, Disc Three 

Up To Me
By Bob Dylan

Everything went from bad to worse, money never changed a thing
Death kept followin’, trackin’ us down, at least I heard your bluebird sing
Now somebody’s got to show their hand, time is an enemy
I know you’re long gone, I guess it must be up to me

If I’d thought about it I never would’ve done it, I guess I would’ve let it slide
If I’d lived my life by what others were thinkin’, the heart inside me would’ve died
I was just too stubborn to ever be governed by enforced insanity
Someone had to reach for the risin’ star, I guess it was up to me

Oh, the Union Central is pullin’ out and the orchids are in bloom
I’ve only got me one good shirt left and it smells of stale perfume
In fourteen months I’ve only smiled once and I didn’t do it consciously
Somebody’s got to find your trail, I guess it must be up to me

It was like a revelation when you betrayed me with your touch
I’d just about convinced myself that nothin’ had changed that much
The old Rounder in the iron mask slipped me the master key
Somebody had to unlock your heart, he said it was up to me

Well, I watched you slowly disappear down into the officers’ club
I would’ve followed you in the door but I didn’t have a ticket stub
So I waited all night ’til the break of day, hopin’ one of us could get free
When the dawn came over the river bridge, I knew it was up to me

Oh, the only decent thing I did when I worked as a postal clerk
Was to haul your picture down off the wall near the cage where I used to work
Was I a fool or not to try to protect your identity?
You looked a little burned out, my friend, I thought it might be up to me

Well, I met somebody face to face and I had to remove my hat
She’s everything I need and love but I can’t be swayed by that
It frightens me, the awful truth of how sweet life can be
But she ain’t a-gonna make me move, I guess it must be up to me

We heard the Sermon on the Mount and I knew it was too complex
It didn’t amount to anything more than what the broken glass reflects
When you bite off more than you can chew you pay the penalty
Somebody’s got to tell the tale, I guess it must be up to me

Well, Dupree came in pimpin’ tonight to the Thunderbird Café
Crystal wanted to talk to him, I had to look the other way
Well, I just can’t rest without you, love, I need your company
But you ain’t a-gonna cross the line, I guess it must be up to me

There’s a note left in the bottle, you can give it to Estelle
She’s the one you been wond’rin’ about, but there’s really nothin’ much to tell
We both heard voices for a while, now the rest is history
Somebody’s got to cry some tears, I guess it must be up to me

So go on, boys, and play your hands, life is a pantomime
The ringleaders from the county seat say you don’t have all that much time
And the girl with me behind the shades, she ain’t my property
One of us has got to hit the road, I guess it must be up to me

And if we never meet again, baby, remember me
How my lone guitar played sweet for you that old-time melody
And the harmonica around my neck, I blew it for you, free
No one else could play that tune, you know it was up to me

 Lyrics taken from The Official Bob Dylan Site

domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2016

the best of linda ronstadt — the capitol years, disc two

1. Rock Me On The Water
2. Crazy Arms
3. I Won't Be Hangin' Round
4. I Still Miss Someone
5. In My Reply
6. I Fall To Pieces
7. Ramblin' Round
8. Birds
9. I Ain't Always Been Faithful
10. Rescue Me

Bonus Tracks
11. Can It Be True
12. Kate [Live at The Troubadour, Los Angeles]
13. Long Long Time [Live at The Troubadour, Los Angeles]

14. You're No Good
15. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
16. Faithless Love
17. The Dark End Of The Street
18. Heart Is Like A Wheel
19. When Will I Be Loved
20. Willing
21. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
22. Keep Me From Blowing Away
23. You Can Close Your Eyes

The Best Of Linda Ronstadt — The Capitol Years, Disc Two 

sábado, 19 de noviembre de 2016

june christy: ballads for night people & the intimate miss christy

Ballads For Night People
1. Bewitched
2. Night People
3. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
4. I Had A Little Sorrow
5. I'm In Love
6. Shadow Women
7. Kissing Bug
8. My Ship
9. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
10. Make Love To Me

The Intimate Miss Christy
11. Spring Is Here
12. Fly Me To The Moon
13. I Fall In Love Too Easily
14. Time After Time
15. The More I See You
16. Don't Explain
17. It Never Entered My Mind
18. You're Nearer
19. Misty
20. Suddenly It's Spring
21. I Get Along Without You Very Well
22. Ev'ry Time

June Christy: Ballads For Night People & The Intimate Miss Christy

lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2016

hot club de norvège

Hot Club de Norvège en el Café Central
Madrid, 13 de noviembre, 2016

Foto de niki

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leonard cohen: death of a ladies' man

1. True Love Leaves No Traces
2. Iodine
3. Paper Thin Hotel
4. Memories
5. I Left A Woman Waiting
6. Don't Go Home With Your Hard-On
7. Fingerprints
8. Death Of A Ladies' Man

Leonard Cohen: Death Of A Ladies' Man

jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2016

j s bach - cantatas & arias

1-5. Cantata BWV 82a 'Ich habe genug'
6. Sinfonia BWV 4
7-8. Es will der Höchste... Ja tausend mal tausend BWV 43
9-13. Cantata BWV 55 'Ich armer Mensch, ich Sündenknecht'
14. Sinfonia BWV 18
15. Der Ewigkeit saphirnes Haus BWV 198
16. Sanfte soll mein Todeskummer BWV 249
17-18. Dies hat Gott klar... Des Vaters Stimme BWV 7
19. Gott ist mein Freund BWV 139
20. Sinfonia BWV 212

J. S. Bach - Cantatas & Arias

Ian Bostridge tenor

Fabio Biondi violin & director

sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2016

bob dylan: biograph, disc two

1. Visions Of Johanna
2. Every Grain Of Sand
3. Quinn The Eskimo
4. Mr. Tambourine Man
5. Dear Landlord
6. It Ain't Me Babe
7. You Angel You
8. Million Dollar Bash
9. To Ramona
10. You're A Big Girl Now
11. Abandoned Love
12. Tangled Up In Blue
13. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
14. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?
15. Positively 4th Street
16. Isis
17. Jet Pilot

Bob Dylan: Biograph, Disc Two

Abandoned Love
By Bob Dylan

I can hear the turning of the key
I’ve been deceived by the clown inside of me
I thought that he was righteous but he’s vain
Oh, something’s a-telling me I wear the ball and chain

My patron saint is a-fighting with a ghost
He’s always off somewhere when I need him most
The Spanish moon is rising on the hill
But my heart is a-tellin’ me I love ya still

I come back to the town from the flaming moon
I see you in the streets, I begin to swoon
I love to see you dress before the mirror
Won’t you let me in your room one time ’fore I finally disappear?

Everybody’s wearing a disguise
To hide what they’ve got left behind their eyes
But me, I can’t cover what I am
Wherever the children go I’ll follow them

I march in the parade of liberty
But as long as I love you I’m not free
How long must I suffer such abuse
Won’t you let me see you smile one time before I turn you loose?

I’ve given up the game, I’ve got to leave
The pot of gold is only make-believe
The treasure can’t be found by men who search
Whose gods are dead and whose queens are in the church

We sat in an empty theater and we kissed
I asked ya please to cross me off-a your list
My head tells me it’s time to make a change
But my heart is telling me I love ya but you’re strange

One more time at midnight, near the wall
Take off your heavy makeup and your shawl
Won’t you descend from the throne, from where you sit?
Let me feel your love one more time before I abandon it

Lyrics taken from The Official Bob Dylan Site

lunes, 24 de octubre de 2016

por extremadura




Fotos de niki

jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016

bob dylan: biograph, disc one

1. Lay Lady Lay
2. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down
3. If Not For You
4. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
5. I'll Keep It With Mine
6. The Times They Are A-Changin'
7. Blowin' In The Wind
8. Masters Of War
9. Lonsome Death Of Hattie Carroll
10. Percy's Song
11. Mixed-Up Confusion
12. Tombstone Blues
13. Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar
14. Most Likely You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine
15. Like A Rolling Stone
16. Lay Down Your Weary Tune
17. Subterranean Homesick Blues
18. I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)

Bob Dylan: Biograph, Disc One 

Lay Down Your Weary Tune
By Bob Dylan

Lay down your weary tune, lay down
Lay down the song you strum
And rest yourself ’neath the strength of strings
No voice can hope to hum

Struck by the sounds before the sun
I knew the night had gone
The morning breeze like a bugle blew
Against the drums of dawn

Lay down your weary tune, lay down
Lay down the song you strum
And rest yourself ’neath the strength of strings
No voice can hope to hum

The ocean wild like an organ played
The seaweed’s wove its strands
The crashin’ waves like cymbals clashed
Against the rocks and sands

Lay down your weary tune, lay down
Lay down the song you strum
And rest yourself ’neath the strength of strings
No voice can hope to hum

I stood unwound beneath the skies
And clouds unbound by laws
The cryin’ rain like a trumpet sang
And asked for no applause

Lay down your weary tune, lay down
Lay down the song you strum
And rest yourself ’neath the strength of strings
No voice can hope to hum

The last of leaves fell from the trees
And clung to a new love’s breast
The branches bare like a banjo played
To the winds that listened best

I gazed down in the river’s mirror
And watched its winding strum
The water smooth ran like a hymn
And like a harp did hum

Lay down your weary tune, lay down
Lay down the song you strum
And rest yourself ’neath the strength of strings
No voice can hope to hum  

Lyrics taken from The Official Bob Dylan Site

miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2016

viento de cine — 4 — sensible

[Un filósofo dijo que éste es el mejor de los mundos posibles. Otro filósofo no estuvo muy de acuerdo. Un tercer filósofo dijo que, en realidad, éste es el peor de los mundos posibles, porque, si fuese sólo un poquito más malo, estallaría. Y eso es lo que le pasaba, en ocasiones, al inefable (no me atrevo a calificarlo de inolvidable) Óscar Rueda: que estallaba.]

—Antes de nada quiero decirte, Óscar, que tu espacio me parece magnífico. Una maravilla.


—Y ahora paso a exponerte una pequeña queja. Verás, creo que a veces eres, ¿cómo decirlo?, un poquitín violento, irascible, con los oyentes. A mí hay veces que se me ponen los pelos de punta.

—Yo no me como a nadie, señora. Además, eso es la pimienta del programa.

—Pues a mí me atemoriza, te lo juro. Me imagino que soy uno de esos pobres oyentes vilipendiados...

—¡Pero si son ellos los que me torturan a mí! ¡Acaban con mi paciencia!

—Óscar... Baja el volumen, por favor. Padezco de taquicardia, y estas cosas me impresionan mucho.

—Lo siento. Es la bilis acumulada al pie del micrófono... Pido disculpas, pero hay que entender que este trabajo genera una tensión...

—Sí, pero...

—¡No me interrumpa! Mire, que me saca de mis casillas.

—No. Eso sí que no, por Dios.

—¡Entonces no me caliente! ¿Que grito mucho? ¡Pues mejor para mí! Yo le doy al cuerpo lo que me pide.

—¡Ay, Señor!

—¿Desea algo más?

—Quería comentarte no sé qué; unas cosas de cine. La verdad, ya ni me acuerdo. Tengo los nervios destrozados. Pero te repito que tu programa me parece una pesadilla, digo, una maravilla.

—Qué quería saber, que la respondo.

—Nada, nada. Voy a colgar ya.

—¡No me cuelgue, que la cuelgo!



—Queridos oyentes, escuchemos ahora «Tea for Two»; y ustedes no se preocupen, que a la viejecita ésa casi seguro que no le ha pasado nada.

Escrito por niki & Alan 

sábado, 8 de octubre de 2016

los nikis tribute — diez años en sing sing

1. The Emperor Strikes Out - The Mockers
2. Por el interés te quiero, Andrés - El Canto del Loco
3. Diez años en Sing Sing - F.A.N.T.A.
4. Mi chica se ha ido a Katmandú - Baby Horror
5. La rebelión de los humanos - Borja Torero y las Electroyonkies
6. Hablo en inglés - Nobel
7. Salvaje pasión - DDT
8. Saturno es aburrido - Un Pingüino en mi Ascensor
9. Negocios sucios - GTO  95
10. La naranja no es mecánica - Vinillos
11. Silvia Sobrini - Los Marrones
12. Brutus - Silvia Sobrini
13. Gammaglobulina - No Picky
14. La fiesta medieval - Los Inhumanos
15. Olaf el vikingo - Las Pirañas
16. Tina tiene que espabilar - Teen Killers
17. La amenaza amarilla - Fangoria
18. Maldito cumpleaños - Airbag
19. Los niños del Brasil - La Amenaza Amarilla
20. Las ventajas de ser de aquí - LKAN
21. Sangre en el museo de cera - Intronautas
22. Ernesto - Pereza
23. Aurelio el misionero - La Hormiga Atómica

Los Nikis Tribute — Diez años en Sing Sing

viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2016

the best of linda ronstadt — the capitol years, disc one

1. Baby You've Been On My Mind
2. Silver Threads And Golden Needles
3. Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad
4. A Number And A Name
5. The Only Mama That'll Walk The Line
6. The Long Way Around
7. Break My Mind
8. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
9. It's About Time
10. We Need A Whole Lot More Of Jesus (And A Lot Less Rock & Roll)
11. The Dolphins

Bonus Track
12. It Won't Be Easy

13. Lovesick Blues
14. Are My Thoughts With You?
15. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
16. Nobody's
17. Louise
18. Long Long Time
19. Mental Revenge
20. I'm Leavin' It All Up To You
21. He Darked The Sun
22. Life Is Like A Mountain Railway

Bonus Track
23. He Darked The Sun [Nashville version] 

The Best Of Linda Ronstadt — The Capitol Years, Disc One

jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2016

miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2016

fabrizio de andrè: anime salve

1. Princesa
2. Khorakhamè (A forza di essere vento)
3. Anime salve
4. Dolcenera
5. Le acciughe fanno il pallone
6. Disamistade
7. A cúmba
8. Ho visto Nina volare
9. Smisurata preghiera

 Fabrizio De Andrè: Anime salve

sábado, 10 de septiembre de 2016

sandy denny: rendezvous

1. I Wish I Was A Fool For You
2. Gold Dust
3. Candle In The Wind
4. Take Me Away
5. One Way Donkey Ride
6. I'm A Dreamer
7. All Our Days
8. Silver Threads And Golden Needles
9. No More Sad Refrains

Bonus Tracks
10. Still Waters Run Deep
11. Full Moon
12. I'm A Dreamer [Demo]
13. Easy To Sleep
14. Moments

Sandy Denny: Rendezvous 

lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2016

the contemporary records story, disc 4

1. Stardust - Ben Webster
2. Misty - Teddy Edwards
3. Summertime - Howard McGhee
4. Oleo - Phineas Newborn, Jr.
5. Exodus - Shelly Manne
6. A Deed For Dolphy - Woody Shaw
7. My Funny Valentine - Art Farmer
8. Morning - Hampton Hawes
9. Will You Still Be Mine? - Art Farmer
10. Beyond The Rain - Chico Freeman
11. Love Walked In - Ray Brown
12. Over The Rainbow - Art Pepper

The Contemporary Records Story, Disc 4 

lunes, 29 de agosto de 2016

the jetset: jetsetmania!, disc two

1. Introduction
2. The Sunday Way Of Life
3. Kingdom Come
4. Happy In My Mind
5. Two Minute War
6. Sally Warren's Lost Cause
7. Hard To Say Goodbye
8. Live And Let Love
9. Vaudeville Park
10. And We Dance On
11. King For A Day
12. Golden Love
13. A Quick Apology
14. The Money Tree
15. A Smile And A Piece Of Cake
16. Everything Is All We Have
17. Welcome To The Bomb
18. Housewive's Choice
19. Five
20. Heaven And Mrs. Winters
21. Yesterday's News
22. A Dead Giveaway
23. Dear World
24. Christmas Flexl / What Can I Say [Live]
25. 1985 Radio Interview

The Jetset: Jetsetmania!, Disc Two

lunes, 22 de agosto de 2016

sábado, 13 de agosto de 2016

petula clark: downtown — the pye anthology, disc two

1. Don't Sleep In The Subway
2. Colour My World
3. Thirty First Of June
4. This Is My Song
5. On The Path Of Glory
6. The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener
7. Happy Heart
8. People Get Ready
9. Conversations In The Wind
10. You And I
11. If
12. Tears Of A Clown
13. Cranes Flying South
14. Look At Mine
15. Cry Like A Baby
16. Games People Play
17. Maybe I'm Amazed
18. I Don't Know How To Love Him
19. The Song Of My Life
20. Let It Be Me
21. The Windmills Of My Mind
22. The Wind Of Change
23. I Believe In Love
24. What I Did For Love
25. Downtown [1999 Remix]

Petula Clark: Downtown — The Pye Anthology, Disc Two

jueves, 4 de agosto de 2016

a second childhood

«Chesterton el Niño» [«Chesterton the Child»] fue el supremo atributo que Walter de la Mare concedió a Chesterton una vez que la espada del guerrero y la pluma del pensador fueron dejadas de lado. No había nada pueril en Chesterton, nada inmaduro en su euforia juvenil. Concebir a Chesterton como un Peter Pan que nunca creció concuerda mal con los libros e ideas que llevaron a los filósofos a darle la bienvenida como a uno de su propio calibre; a los poetas a cederle un puesto de primera línea entre ellos; y a los hombres de letras a ensalzar su Dickens, su Browning y su Stevenson como muestras de la agudeza de su genio.

Masie Ward, "Chesterton", en Literary Lives, seleccionadas por John Sutherland

A Second Childhood
By Gilbert Keith Chesterton

When all my days are ending
And I have no song to sing,
I think I shall not be too old
To stare at everything;
As I stared once at a nursery door
Or a tall tree and a swing.

Wherein God's ponderous mercy hangs
On all my sins and me,
Because He does not take away
The terror from the tree
And stones still shine along the road
That are and cannot be.

Men grow too old for love, my love,
Men grow too old for wine,
But I shall not grow too old to see
Unearthly daylight shine,
Changing my chamber's dust to snow
Till I doubt if it be mine.

Behold, the crowning mercies melt,
The first surprises stay;
And in my dross is dropped a gift
For which I dare not pray:
That a man grow used to grief and joy,
But not to night and day.

Men grow too old for love, my love,
Men grow too old for lies;
But I shall not grow too old to see
Enourmous night arise,
A cloud that is larger than the world
And a monster made of eyes.

Nor am I worhty to unloose
The latchet of my shoe;
Or shake the dust from off my feet
Or the staff that bears me through
On ground that is too good to last,
Too solid to be true.

Men grow too old for love, my love,
Men grow too old to wed;
But I shall not grow too old to see
Hung crazily overhead
Incredible rafters when I wake
And find I am not dead.

A thrill of thunder in my hair;
Though blackening clouds be plain,
Still I am stung and startled
By the first drop of the rain:
Romance and pride and passion pass
And these are what remain.

Strange crawling carpets of the grass,
Wide windows of the sky:
So in this perilous grace of God
With all my sins go I:
And things grow new though I grow old,
Though I grow old and die.

Una segunda niñez

Cuando mis días se acaben
y no tenga canción que cantar,
creo que no seré demasiado viejo
para mirar fijamente las cosas,
como una vez miré la puerta del cuarto infantil
o un árbol alto y un columpio.

Donde la pesada misericordia de Dios
cuelga sobre mí y mis pecados,
ya que Él no quita
el terror al árbol
y las piedras que aún brillan por el camino
son y no pueden ser.

Los hombres envejecen para el amor, amor mío,
los hombres envejecen para el vino,
pero yo no envejeceré para ver
brillar la sobrenatural luz diurna
tornando en nieve el polvo de mi habitación,
hasta hacerme dudar de si es la mía.

He aquí que las supremas bendiciones pasan,
las primeras sorpresas permanecen;
y en mi escoria ha caído un don
por el cual no me atrevo a rezar:
que un hombre se acostumbra al gozo y al dolor,
pero no al día y la noche.
Los hombres envejecen para el amor, amor mío,
los hombres envejecen para las mentiras;
pero yo no envejeceré para ver
alzarse a la formidable noche,
una nube más grande que el mundo
y un monstruo hecho de ojos.

Tampoco soy digno de desatar
la correa de mi sandalia;
ni de sacudir el polvo de mis pies
ni el bastón que me sostiene
sobre un suelo demasiado bueno para durar,
demasiado sólido para ser cierto.

Los hombres envejecen para el amor, amor mío,
los hombres envejecen para casarse:
pero yo no envejeceré para ver
colgar desmedidamente en las alturas
increíbles vigas, cuando despierte
y halle que aún no estoy muerto.

Un temblor de trueno en mi pelo:
aunque las nubes negras son comunes,
todavía me hiere y estremece
la primera gota de lluvia:
el romance, el orgullo y la pasión pasan,
y estas cosas son cuanto queda.

Extrañas alfombras de hierba que se arrastran,
anchas ventanas del firmamento:
así, en la peligrosa misericordia de Dios,
junto con mis pecados voy:
y todo se hace nuevo aunque yo envejezca,
aunque yo envejezca y muera.

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martes, 2 de agosto de 2016

sam cooke: the man who invented soul, cd 4

1. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
2. Lost And Lookin'
3. Mean Old World
4. Please Don't Drive Me Away
5. I Lost Everything
6. Get Yourself Another Fool
7. Little Red Rooster
8. Laughin' And Clownin'
9. Trouble Blues
10. You Gotta Move
11. Fool's Paradise
12. Shake, Rattle And Roll
13. Intro / (Don't Fight It) Feel It
14. Chain Gang
15. Cupid
16. It's All Right / For Sentimental Reasons
17. Twistin' The Night Away
18. Somebody Have Mercy
19. Bring It Home To Me
20. Nothin' Can ChangeThis Love
21. Having A Party

[ 1-12 Night Beat  — 13-21 Live At The Harlem Square Club ]

Sam Cooke: The Man Who Invented Soul, CD 4

lunes, 25 de julio de 2016

de caravaggio a bernini

Salomé con la cabeza del Bautista, h. 1607
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

Cristo muerto llorado por dos ángeles, h. 1642-1645
Charles Le Brun

San Jerónimo en meditación, h. 1635
José de Ribera

Jacob y el rebaño de Labán, 1632 (detalle)
José de Ribera

Cristo crucificado, 1654-1656
Gian Lorenzo Bernini

De Caravaggio a Bernini
Obras maestras del Seicento italiano en las Colecciones Reales
Palacio Real de Madrid
7 de junio - 16 de octubre, 2016

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jueves, 21 de julio de 2016

the outlaws ride again

1. Swingin' Low
2. Spring Is Near
3. Ambush
4. Indian Brave
5. Valley Of The Sioux
6. Crazy Drums
7. Last Stage West
8. Ku-Pow
9. Sioux Serenade
10. Fort Knox
11. The Return Of The Outlaws
12. Texas Spiritual
13. That Set The Wild West Free
14. Hobo
15. Law And Order
16. Do-Da-Day
17. Keep A Knockin'
18. Shake With Me

The Outlaws Ride Again

The Singles As & Bs

domingo, 17 de julio de 2016

nas rías baixas

Veleros en la ría de Pontevedra

Praza do Teucro (Pontevedra)

Paisaje en la ría de Vigo

Ruta da pedra e da auga

Cormorán en el puerto de Vigo

Batea en la ría de Arousa

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domingo, 3 de julio de 2016

the contemporary records story, disc 3

1. Hip - Hampton Hawes
2. Stablemates - Art Farmer
3. African Violets - Cecil Taylor
4. Autumn In New York - André Previn
5. I've Told Ev'ry Little Star - Sonny Rollins
6. Someone To Watch Over Me - Benny Carter
7. Bill Bailey - Helen Humes
8. Peter Gunn - Shelley Manne & His Men
9. Barfly - Elmo Hope
10. Greensleeves - Bill Smith Quartet
11. Airegin - Art Pepper & Eleven
12. Down Among The Sheltering Palms - Barney Kessel
13. Blue Daniel - Shelley Manne & His Men
14. Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise - Art Pepper
15. The Sermon - Teddy Edwards

The Contemporary Records Story, Disc 3

domingo, 26 de junio de 2016

sam cooke: the man who invented soul, cd 3

1. Somebody's Gonna Miss Me
2. Somebody Have Mercy
3. Sugar Dumpling [Original version]
4. Nothin' Can Change This Love [Unreleased version]
5. Talkin' Trash
6. Movin' And Groovin'
7. Soothe Me
8. Having A Party
9. Bring It On Home To Me
10. A Whole Lotta Woman
11. I'm Gonna Forget About You
12. Nothin' Can Change This Love
13. Baby, Baby, Baby
14. Send Me Some Lovin'
15. All The Way
16. Smoke Rings
17. I Wish Your Love
18. Driftin' Blues
19. Little Girl
20. Cry Me A River
21. These Foolish Things
22. Frankie And Johnnie
23. I Ain't Gonna Cheat On You No More
24. Another Saturday Night [Previously unreleased take]
25. Love Will Find A Way
26. Cool Train [First stereo release]

Sam Cooke: The Man Who Invented Soul, CD 3 

miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016

t. rex: electric warrior

1. Mambo Sun
2. Cosmic Dancer
3. Jeepster
4. Monolith
5. Lean Woman Blues
6. Get It On
7. Planet Queen
8. Girl
9. The Motivator
10. Life's A Gas
11. Rip Off

Bonus Tracks
12. Rip Off
13. Mambo Sun
14. Cosmic Dancer
15. Monolith
16. Get It On
17. Planet Queen
18. The Motivator
19. Life's A Gas

T. Rex: Electric Warrior