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marmaduke dorchester

Aleksandr Pushkin at the Seashore, 1896
Leonid Osipovic Pasternak

The mysterious poet Marmaduke Dorchester (how he could write poetry is still a mystery to this day) rose to fame when Eve, a daughter of the exquisite publisher Adam Nesmith, found a creased yellow paper in their homely courtyard. The little paper, adorned with the initials M. D., contained the first two hundred lines of ‘Big Ben, Big Bang’ — a conspicous lyric-epic which describes the History of Humanity, and besides the History of England.

Marmaduke Dorchester was no other than the next-door neighbour of Adam Nesmith. Mr. Nesmith felt astonished at the discovery.

“And that blockhead scoundrel did write this beauty indeed? I must publish it! I will be his Maecenas!” said Mr. Nesmith to himself.

But Marmaduke Dorchester was not really interested in poetry. He prefered football games, stout and porter, movies, plays, and flowers. He was at that time a small barfly fellow of forty-something with a pretty belly and scarce hair on his head.

Adam Nesmith went to pay him a call and a check.

“Take a good look at me, Mr. Nesmith” said Marmaduke Dorchester. “Do you think I’m a poet?”

“But you wrote the glorious ‘Big Ben, Big Bang’!”

“It’s only a thing that could have happended almost to anybody. I read it somewhere written in the wind, and the sun, and the stars.”

David Rochester, Unsolved Riddles of Life

Henry the Fourth, the Fifth, and the Sixth
By Marmaduke Dorchester
[From the epic-lyric in five hundred stanzas ‘Big Ben, Big Bang’]

Henry the Fourth and Henry the Fifth were both fine Kings,
They only did one or two little unimportant things;
For all the rest, you bet they were completely swell,
And Henry the Sixth was as good a King as well.

Los Enriques Cuarto, Quinto y Sexto 

Enrique Cuarto y Quinto fueron justos,
sólo causaron dos o tres disgustos;
lo demás lo hicieron requetebién,
y Enrique Sexto fue buen rey también.

Text and translation by niki

jueves, 20 de junio de 2013

puerta de los jerónimos (acceso con entrada)

Jerónimos Entrance (Access with ticket)
June, 2013

Foto de niki

lunes, 17 de junio de 2013

françoise hardy: the vogue years, disc 2

1. Dans le monde entier
2. Dis-lui non
3. Le temps des souvenirs
4. J'ai bien du chagrin
5. Bout de lune
6. L'amitié
7. Ce petit coeur
8. Non, ce n'est pas un rêve
9. Tout ce qu'on dit
10. Il se fait tard
11. Tu peux bien
12. Je t'aime
13. Quel mal y a -t-il à ça?
14. La maison où j'ai grandi
15. Rendez-vous d'automne
16. Comme
17. Je changerais d'avis
18. Peut être que je t'aime
19. Si c'est ça
20. Je serai là pour toi
21. Qu'ils sont heureux
22. Tu es un peu à moi
23. Voilà
24. Les petits garçons
25. Qui peut dire?

Françoise Hardy: The Vogue Years, Disc 2

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there was a girl of buenos aires

Study of a girl's head
Sir Edward John Poynter

There was a girl of Buenos Aires
Who dug The Beatles, call her Iris.
She would listen all their songs
Until the dinner’s gong,
That little girl of Buenos Aires.

A limerick written by niki —
To Loli

miércoles, 12 de junio de 2013

el rastro en color

El Rastro en color
Abril, 2007

 Foto de niki

sábado, 8 de junio de 2013

fairport convention: meet on the ledge - the classic years (1967-1975), disc 2

1. Now Be Thankful
2. Bonny Bunch Of Roses
3. Walk Awhile
4. Sloth
5. Poor Will And The Jolly Hangman
6. The Journeyman's Grace
7. John Lee
8. Rosie
9. The Plainsman
10. The Hexhamshire Lass
11. Polly On The Shore
12. Bring 'Em Down
13. Rising For The Moon
14. White Dress
15. Stranger To Himself
16. One More Chance

Fairport Convention: Meet On The Ledge - The Classic Years (1967-1975), Disc 2

jueves, 6 de junio de 2013

sweet inspiration - the songs of dan penn & spooner oldham

1. Out Of Left Field - Percy Sledge
2. I'm Your Puppet - Dionne Warwick
3. Sweet Inspiration - The Sweet Inspirations
4. A Woman Left Lonely - Charlie Rich
5. I Worship The Ground You Walk On - Etta James
6. I'm Living Good - The Ovations
7. Take Me (Just As I Am) - Solomon Burke
8. Cry Like A Baby - Arthur Alexander
9. It Tears Me Up - Jeanne Newman
10. Slippin' Around With You - Art Freeman
11. I Met Her In Church - Tony Borders
12. Are You Never Coming Home - Sandy Posey
13. Let It Happen - James Carr
14. Everything I Am - The Box Tops
15. Feed The Flame - Ted Taylor
16. Watching The Trains Go By - Tony Joe White
17. In The Same Old Way - Arthur Conley
18. Denver - Ronnie Milsap
19. Dreamer - Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles
20. Good Things Don't Come Easy - Irma Thomas
21. I Need Someone - The Wallace Brothers
22. He Ain't Gonna Do Right - Barbara Lynn
23. Wish You Didn't Have To Go - Tommy Roe
24. Let's Do It Over - Joe Simon

Sweet Inspiration - The Songs of Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham