miércoles, 27 de junio de 2012

the bobby fuller four: never to be forgotten - the mustang years, discs 2 & 3

1. King Of The Wheels
2. KRLA Top Eliminator
3. Keep A Knockin'
4. The Phantom Dragster
5. The Lonely Dragster
6. She's My Girl
7. Love's Made A Fool Of You
8. Don't Ever Let Me Know
9. Cheat & Lie [Unreleased]
10. Jenny Lee [Unreleased]
11. My True Love
12. Baby My Heart [Unreleased]
13. The Magic Touch
14. I'm A Lucky Guy [Unreleased]
15. The Things You Do [The Randy Fuller Four]
16. Now She's Gone [The Randy Fuller Four]
17. Angel Eyes [Unreleased-Backing Track]
18. A New Shade Of Blue [Unreleased Alternate Take]
19. Only When I Dream [Mono LP Version]
20. It's Love, Come What May [Unreleased Alternate Take]
21. I Fought The Law [Single Version]
22. Never To Be Forgotten [KRLA LP Stereo Alternate]

The Bobby Fuller Four: Never To Be Forgotten - The Mustang Years, Disc 2

1. I Fought The Law
2. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
3. A New Shade Of Blue
4. Let Her Dance
5. C.C. Rider
6. Anytime At All
7. My Babe / Keep A Knockin'/ Long Tall Sally
8. Vamp Introduction
9. California Sun
10. Do You Wanna Dance
11. Wooly Bully
12. Gloria
13. Oh, Boy!
14. Carol
15. Thunder Reef
16. High Heel Sneakers
17. Slow Down
18. Think It Over
19. Money / Shakedown

The Bobby Fuller Four: Never To Be Forgotten - The Mustang Years, Disc 3, Celebrity Night At PJ's

viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

la belle voilée

1. La belle voilée duchesse de la valliere allemande de Mr. V. Gallot
2. La tonnerre courante de Gallot Vieux
3. La comminge, Sarabande de Gallot le Vieux
4. Folies d'Espagne
5. Allemande du Vieux Gallot [Tombeau du Mareschal de Turenne]
6. La Coquette de Gallot
7. La Nopce de Gallot
8. La Comete, Chaconne de V. Gallot
9. Chaconne du vieux Gaultier
10. Tombeau de Mr. Le Prince de Condé
11. Courante de Mr. Gallot, Le Vieux
12. La Tontinne courante du Vieux Gallot
13. Le petit seraille chaconne de Gallot le V.
14. Dialogue de Gallot
15. Prelude
16. L'Amant malheureux de Gallot
17. Courante la Cigogne
18. Sarabande la piece de huict heurs
19. Canarie les Castagnettes
20. Allemande de Launay
21. Chaconne, ou Cascades de Mr. de Launay

La Belle Voilée

17th Century French Lute Music by Jacques Gallot and others

Catherine Liddell, lute

martes, 19 de junio de 2012

two poems of the masters

Poems of the Masters
China’s Classic Anthology of T’ang and Sung Dynasty Verse
Translated by Red Pine
Copper Canyon Press, 2003

Thoughts on a Quiet Night
Li Pai

Before my bed the light is so bright
it looks like a layer of frost
lifting my head I gaze at the moon
lying back down I think of home

[Ranked with Tu Fu as one of China’s two greatest poets, Li Pai left behind over one thousand poems. This is one of his most famous, and critics sigh at the effortlessness of his technique and his ability to transport the reader not only to a place but also to a state of mind. When the Chinese see the moon, it reminds them that friends and family members living elsewhere are looking at the same moon.]

In Reply
The Ancient Recluse

Somehow I ended up beneath pines
sleeping in comfort on boulders
there aren’t any calendars in the mountains
winter ends but who counts the years

[Nothing is known of the author of this poem, other than he lived in the Chungnan Mountains south of Ch’ang-an and called himself T’ai-shang ying-che (The Ancient Recluse). Here, he replies to someone who has asked him why and how long he had been living there.]

English translation and notes by Red Pine

Versión castellana de niki:

Pensamientos en una noche serena
Li Pai

Ante mi lecho la luz es tan brillante
que parece como una capa de escarcha
levanto la cabeza para mirar a la luna
me acuesto y pienso en el hogar

[Li Pai, considerado junto a Tu Fu como uno de los dos mayores poetas chinos, dejó más de mil poemas. Éste es particularmente célebre, y los críticos suspiran por la facilidad de la técnica del poeta y su destreza para transportar al lector tanto a un lugar como a un estado de ánimo. Cuando los chinos contemplan la luna, se acuerdan de que los amigos y familiares que se encuentran lejos están observando también esa misma luna.]

En respuesta
El Anciano Ermitaño

De algún modo acabé bajo los pinos
durmiendo a gusto sobre piedras
no hay calendarios en las montañas
el invierno da fin pero quién cuenta los años

[Nada se sabe del autor de este poema, excepto que vivió en los montes de Chungnan, al sur de Ch’ang-an, y se hacía llamar T’ai-shang ying-che (El Anciano Ermitaño). En estos versos replica a uno que le preguntó por qué y desde cuándo vivía allí.]

lunes, 4 de junio de 2012

the merry-go-round: listen, listen - the definitive collection

1. Live
2. Time Will Show The Wiser
3. On Your Way Out
4. Gonna Fight The War
5. Had To Run Around
6. We're In Love
7. You're A Very Lovely Woman
8. Where Have You Been All My Life
9. Early In The Morning
10. Low Down
11. A Clown's No Good
12. Gonna Leave You Alone
13. Mother Earth
14. Pardon Me
15. Textile Factory
16. Someone Died
17. Come Ride, Come Ride
18. Let's All Sing
19. Holly Park
20. Mary Will You Take My Hand
21. The Man He Was
22. In Days Of Old
23. 'Til The Day After
24. Saturday Night
25. She Laughed Loud
26. Listen, Listen
27. Missing You
28. Highway
29. Time Will Show The Wiser [Mono 45]

The Merry-Go-Round: Listen, Listen - The Definitive Collection