miércoles, 27 de junio de 2018

harry nilsson: nilsson '62 — the debut sessions

1. It Just Ain't Right
2. Learning From You
3. Thank Heaven For Kathy
4. My Girl
5. A Man And His Castle
6. My Baby's Coming Home
7. Once A Loser
8. Me Without You
9. Oh Caroline
10. The Only Light
11. Just Wait Till Summer Comes
12. Please Mr. Music Man
13. The Will
14. He Ain't Gonna Get My Girl
15. All For Your Love
16. The Ash Grove
17. Take This Heart
18. Foolish Clock
19. There's Gotta Be A Girl
20. Building Me Up
21. In Time
22. Nilsson's "End Of The Message To Scotty."

Harry Nilsson: Nilsson '62 — The Debut Sessions 

lunes, 25 de junio de 2018

honeybus: she flies like a bird — the anthology, disc 2

1. Pete Dello Interview
2. (Do I Figure) In Your Life [Live BBC Session]
3. Like An Old Time Movie [Live BBC Session]
4. Maxine's Parlour
5. She Comes To Me [Live BBC Session]
6. I Can't Let Maggie Go [Live BBC Session]
7. Ain't That Just Bonny For You [Live BBC Session]
8. Françoise [Live BBC Session]
9. La Cigona (She Sold Blackpool Rock)
10. Chi Sei Tu (Ceilings Nº 2)
11. For You
12. Little Lovely One
13. Be Thou By My Side
14. Julie In My Heart
15. Big Ship
16. Hear Me Only
17. Texas Gold
18. Madam, Chairman Of The Committee
19. Jug Of Water
20. Proof Enough
21. Like Me Like You Used To Do
22. Lovely Ladie's 'N' Things
23. Caterina
24. Slow Rock
25. Music
26. In The End Is My Beginning

Honeybus: She Flies Like A Bird — The Anthology, Disc 2

lunes, 18 de junio de 2018

honeybus: she flies like a bird — the anthology, disc 1

1. Delighted To See You
2. The Breaking Up Scene
3. (Do I Figure) In Your Life
4. Throw My Love Away
5. I Can't Let Maggie Go
6. Tender Are The Ashes
7. Girl Of Independent Means
8. How Long [Single version]
9. She Sold Blackpool Rock
10. Would You Believe
11. Story
12. Black Mourning Band
13. Scarlet Lady
14. Fresher Than The Sweetness In Water
15. He Was Columbus
16. Ceilings Nº 1
17. Under The Silent Tree
18. She's Out There
19. She Said Yes
20. I Remember Caroline
21. How Long [LP version]
22. Ceilings Nº 2
23. The Right To Choose
24. She Is The Female To My Soul
25. For Where Have You Been

Honeybus: She Flies Like A Bird — The Anthology, Disc 1

jueves, 14 de junio de 2018

valladolid en dos días

Afrodita, de Francisco Leiro
En la exposición: Giant (Patio herreriano)

Aborigen nº 1, 1951, de Manuel Millares
En la exposición: Tàpies. De Dau al set al Grupo El Paso (Patio herreriano)  

Tímpano de la fachada del Colegio de San Gregorio

Patio del palacio de Pimentel

Arquerías del piso superior (Colegio de San Gregorio)

Cabeza antropomorfa
Cultura Ifé, Nigeria, s. X al XV
Museo de Arte Africano Arellano Alonso

Fotos de niki

viernes, 8 de junio de 2018

the bill perkins octet: on stage

1. Song Of The Islands
2. One Hundred Years From Today
3. Zing! Zang!
4. Let Me See
5. For Dancers Only
6. Just A Child
7. As They Reveled
8. When You're Smiling
9. Let Me See [ALT TK]

The Bill Perkins Octet: On Stage

lunes, 4 de junio de 2018

emitt rhodes: rainbow ends

1. Dog On A Chain
2. If I Knew Then
3. Isn't It So
4. This Wall Between Us
5. Someone Else
6. I Can't Tell My Heart
7. Put Some Rhythm To It
8. It's All Behind Us Now
9. What's A Man To Do
10. Friday's Love
11. Rainbow Ends

Emitt Rhodes: Rainbow Ends