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the bobby fuller four: never to be forgotten - the mustang years, discs 2 & 3

1. King Of The Wheels
2. KRLA Top Eliminator
3. Keep A Knockin'
4. The Phantom Dragster
5. The Lonely Dragster
6. She's My Girl
7. Love's Made A Fool Of You
8. Don't Ever Let Me Know
9. Cheat & Lie [Unreleased]
10. Jenny Lee [Unreleased]
11. My True Love
12. Baby My Heart [Unreleased]
13. The Magic Touch
14. I'm A Lucky Guy [Unreleased]
15. The Things You Do [The Randy Fuller Four]
16. Now She's Gone [The Randy Fuller Four]
17. Angel Eyes [Unreleased-Backing Track]
18. A New Shade Of Blue [Unreleased Alternate Take]
19. Only When I Dream [Mono LP Version]
20. It's Love, Come What May [Unreleased Alternate Take]
21. I Fought The Law [Single Version]
22. Never To Be Forgotten [KRLA LP Stereo Alternate]

The Bobby Fuller Four: Never To Be Forgotten - The Mustang Years, Disc 2

1. I Fought The Law
2. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
3. A New Shade Of Blue
4. Let Her Dance
5. C.C. Rider
6. Anytime At All
7. My Babe / Keep A Knockin'/ Long Tall Sally
8. Vamp Introduction
9. California Sun
10. Do You Wanna Dance
11. Wooly Bully
12. Gloria
13. Oh, Boy!
14. Carol
15. Thunder Reef
16. High Heel Sneakers
17. Slow Down
18. Think It Over
19. Money / Shakedown

The Bobby Fuller Four: Never To Be Forgotten - The Mustang Years, Disc 3, Celebrity Night At PJ's

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Thank you - it's been worth waiting...

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You're welcome, ARi. I'm glad you keep following the blog, thanks for your comments.

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Thanks a lot for this great set