sábado, 7 de mayo de 2016

the jetset: jetsetmania!, disc one

1. The Jetset Theme
2. Wednesday Girl
3. Do You Wanna Be In The Show?
4. The Man Who Lives Upstairs
5. (And That's The) Good News
6. The Party Line
7. The Lovers Playground
8. Count The Beating Hearts
9. What Can I Say
10. Mr Maybe
11. Every Little Moment
12. The Other Side Of Joe
13. You Should Know By Now
14. The Make Believe World Of Melanie Bennett
15. Once In A Lifetime
16. The Flavour Of The Year
17. Little Miss Rainbow
18. Bad
19. The Wheels Of Love
20. The Girl About Town
21. The Story Of The World
22. The Late Great Frank Lewis
23. Does It Look Like Rain
24. Judy's Toy Box

The Jetset: Jetsetmania!, Disc One

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