miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2015

the warm singing style of jeri southern — the complete decca years 1951-1957, cd 3

Orchestra Conducted by Frank Merriweather (aka Billy May)
1. (You Gotta Get) A Lot Of Livin'
2. I Won't Be Around Anymore
3. What Do You See In Her?
4. An Occasional Man

Orchestra Conducted by Camarata
5. Kiss And Run
6. Where Walks My True Love?
7. Don't Explain
8. Who Am I To Say?

Orchestra Conducted by Sonny Burke
9. I'm Gonna Try Me Some Love
10. Stop Me (If You've Heard This One Before)
11. Would I
12. There's Something In My Eye

Orchestra Conducted by Frank Merriweather with Jud Conlon Rhythmaires
13. Bells Are Ringing
14. Married I Can Always Get
15. Candlelight Conversation
16. Just In Time

Orchestra Conducted by Camarata
17. Can I Forget You?
18. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
19. No More
20. He Was Too Good To Me
21. I Remember You

The Warm Singing Style Of Jeri Southern — The Complete Decca Years 1951-1957, CD 3

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