lunes, 26 de enero de 2015

nobody's jig

1. Nobody's Jig, Mr Lane's Maggott...
2. Stingo
3. Virgin Qeen, Bobbing Joe
4. Daphne
5. Paul's Steeple
6. Prince Rupert March, Masco
7. Shepherd's Holiday
8. Confess his tune
9. An Italian Rant
10. Stanes Morris
11. A Health to Betty
12. A Mask no. 6
13. Drive the cold winter away, The Beggar Boy
14. A Division on a ground
15. Woodycock
16. Wallom green
17. Bravade, Argiers
18. A piece without title
19. Hey to the camp, Schottisch Tanz
20. Rights of Man

Nobody's Jig

Mr Playford English Dancing Master

Les Witches

Odile Edouard, violon
Claire Michon, flûtes
Pascale Boquet, luth et guitare
Sylvie Moquet, viole de gambe
Freddy Eichelberger, clavecin & cistre

2 comentarios:

Dave Heasman dijo...

You'll note that the "Stanes Morris" bears a resemblance to something by J S Bach. It's also on "Morris On" sung by Shirley Collins.

niki dijo...

Thank you for your comment, Dave.

I can't recall now which piece of Bach bears a resemblance to "Stanes Morris"; but indeed this same morris dance appears, beautifully sung by Shirley Collins, on the classic album "Morris On" (1972).