lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

ruth price with shelly manne & his men at the manne hole

1. I Love You
2. They Say It's Spring
3. Listen Little Girl
4. Dearly Beloved
5. I Know Why
6. Shadrack
7. Crazy He Calls Me
8. Nobody Else But Me
9. Nobody's Heart
10. All I Do Is Dream Of You
11. Who Am I
12. Till The Clouds Roll By / Look For The Silver Lining

Ruth Price With Shelly Manne & His Men At The Manne Hole

Ruth Price — vocals
Shelly Manne — drums
Russ Freeman — piano
Chuck Berghofer — bass
Richie Kamuca — tenor sax [selections 1-4, 10, 12]
Conte Candoli — trumpet [selection 7]

Who Am I
By Leonard Bernstein

Funny the thoughts I have at night
So different from the thoughts I have by day
Funny each time I close my eyes
A million different questions come my way
And stay

Who am I
Was it all planned in advance
Or was I just born by chance
In July
Who on earth am I
Did I ever live before
As a mountain lion
Or a fly

My friends only think of fun
They're all such incurable tots
Must I be the only one
Who thinks these mysterious thoughts

Someday I'll die
Will I ever live again
As a rooster or a hen
Or a lion in a den
Or a robin or a wren
Or a fly
Oh who am I

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