viernes, 4 de octubre de 2013

tammi terrell: come on and see me, disc 1

The Tammy Montgomery Recordings
1. If You See Bill
2. It's Mine
3. Voice Of Experience
4. I Wancha' To Be Sure
5. Sinner's Devotion
6. Make The Night Just A Little Longer
7. Big John
8. I Cried
9. If You Don't Think
10. If I Would Marry You
11. This Time Tomorrow
12. I've Got Nothing To Say But Goodbye
13. I Can't Hold It Anymore
14. If I Would Marry You [duet with Jimmy Radcliffe]

Tammi Terrell: "Irresistible" LP
15. I Can't Believe You Love Me
16. That's What Boys Are Made For
17. Come On And See Me
18. What A Good Man He Is
19. Tears At The End Of A Love Affair
20. This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You)
21. He's The One I Love
22. Can't Stop Now (Love Is Calling)
23. Just Too Much To Hope For
24. Hold Me Oh My Darling
25. I Can't Go On Without You

Non-LP Singles
26. Baby Don'tcha Worry
27. There Are Things

Tammi Terrell: Come On And See Me, Disc 1 

The Complete Solo Collection

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