lunes, 22 de julio de 2013

melvin endsley: i like your kind of love

1. I Like Your Kind Of Love
2. I Ain't Gettin' Nowhere With You
3. Is It True
4. Keep A-Lovin' Me, Baby
5. I Got A Feelin'
6. Hungry Eyes
7. Lovin' On My Mind
8. Gettin' Used To The Blues
9. Let's Fall Out Of Love
10. I'd Just Be Fool Enough
11. Just Wanted To Be Wanted
12. Gettin' Used To The Blues
13. There's Bound To Be
14. Lonely All Over Again
15. Bringin' The Blues To My Door
16. Ain't It Fine!
17. Oh, Yeah Baby
18. Let Me Sing The Blues (Just One More Time)
19. I'll Get Even With You
20. I Can't Go Anywhere
21. Can I Say Something
22. The Search
23. Here I Am
24. You Make It Sound So Easy
25. For My Baby
26. I Wish I Knew
27. How Lonely Can You Get
28. Everytime I See The Sun Go Down
29. Started Out A-Walkin'

Melvin Endsley: I Like Your Kind Of Love

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