sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012

the very best of william bell

1. You Don't Miss Your Water
2. Any Other Way
3. Share What You Got (But Keep What You Need)
4. Never Like This Before
5. Everybody Loves A Winner
6. Eloise (Hang On In There)
7. Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday
8. A Tribute To A King
9. Every Man Oughta Have A Woman
10. Private Number
11. I Forgot To Be Your Lover
12. My Baby Specializes
13. My Whole World Is Falling Down
14. Happy
15. Born Under A Bad Sign
16. All For The Love Of A Woman
17. Save Us
18. Lovin' On Borrowed Time
19. I've Got To Go On Without You
20. Gettin' What You Want (Losin' What You Got)

The Very Best Of William Bell

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iggy dijo...

thank you so much for your excellent posts. You are kind and generous indeed. Best of wishes,


niki dijo...

You're welcome, Iggy. I'm glad you like this blog.

Thank you for your words and appreciation. Best regards.