sábado, 21 de marzo de 2009

the best of the fleetwoods

1. Come Softly To Me
2. Graduation's Here
3. Outside My Window
4. (He's) The Great Imposter
5. Runaround
6. Confidential
7. Tragedy
8. Mr. Blue
9. The Last One To Know
10. Truly Do
11. Lovers By Night, Strangers By Day
12. Goodnight My Love
13. Imagination
14. Bye Bye Blackbird
15. Serenade Of The Bells
16. A Lover's Concerto
17. Before And After (Losing You)
18. Climb Ev'ry Mountain

The Best Of The Fleetwoods

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Georgie Hirezola dijo...

ah...a great..great early vocal group!
I have their "Deep In A Dream" & "Mr Blue" albums on original vinyl & keep them as a treasure!hah..hah..
It's very sad their Lps are out of print for ages!!!!
a "best of" cd..is not enough for such a group...
thanks a lot!!!!cheers

niki dijo...

The (small town) pleasure's mine, Georgie! :)

Thank you for your visit & comment.

Edu dijo...

Very good blog! The link doesn´t work anymore, could you upload it again? Thanks

Edu dijo...

Ok, don't worry. Thanks for the blog!

Célio dijo...


Bom dia!

Por favor, teria alguma chance de repostar o link para esta jóia (The Fleetwoods)?

Adorei seu Blog!

É que o link para o rapidshre não está mais funcionando.

Agradeço-lhe antecipdamente.