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sandy denny: i've always kept a unicorn — the acoustic sandy denny, disc two

Sandy Denny
1. Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood [demo]
2. After Halloween [demo]
3. The Lady [demo]
4. Bushes & Briars *
5. The Music Weaver [demo]
6. No End [demo - piano version]
7. Solo [acoustic] *
8. Like An Old Fashioned Waltz [acoustic] *

Fairport Convention
9. The King And Queen Of England [demo]
10. Rising For The Moon [demo]
11. One More Chance [demo]
12. Sandy's Song (Take Away The Load) [demo]
13. What Is True? [demo]

Sandy Denny
14. Blackwaterside [live on Marc Time]
15. No More Sad Refrains [live on Marc Time]
16. Full Moon [demo]
17. I'm A Dreamer [demo 2]
18. By The Time It Gets Dark [studio demo]
19. One Way Donkey Ride [acoustic]
20. Moments [acoustic]

* Recorded for the BBC

Sandy Denny: I've Always Kept A Unicorn — The Acoustic Sandy Denny, Disc Two

By Bryn Haworth

These are the moments that we love so well
Precious moments caught within a spell
All too soon our lives they fade away
These are the moments that we wish would stay

If I had my life to live again
I would choose to be with you my friend
Time moves slowly and it goes so fast
And who knows how long the days will last

So cherish deep within
The love you get today
Let the moment linger
For tomorrow steals that away
Tomorrow steals that away

Cherish deep within you
The love you get today
And let the moments linger
For tomorrow steals that away
Yes tomorrow steals that away
These are the memories that we made so well
Lives like stories that belong to tell
When we're old with not too much to say
We'll have the memories that we made today

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