sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014

dion: sanctuary & suite for late summer

Sanctuary  (1971)
1. Sunshine Lady
2. Sanctuary
3. Willigo
4. Harmony Sound
5. Gotta Get Up
6. Medley: Please Be My Friend / Take A Little Time
7. The Wanderer
8. Abraham, Martin And John
9. Almond Joy
10. Ruby Baby
11. Brand New Morning

Suite For Late Summer  (1972)
12. Soft Parade Of Years
13. Running Close Behind You
14. Traveller In The Rain
15. Tennessee Madonna
16. Seagull
17. Wedding Song
18. Jennifer Knew
19. Didn't You Change
20. It All Fits Together
21. To Dream Tomorrow

Bonus Tracks
22. Richer Than A Rich Man
23. Running Close Behind You [2nd version]
24. Young Virgin Eyes (I'm All Wrapped Up)

Dion: Sanctuary & Suite For Late Summer

4 comentarios:

Timmy dijo...

Nice! Thanx.....

niki dijo...

You're welcome, Timmy. Glad you liked these albums.

El Isabelino dijo...

Thanks a lot Niki. Sunshine Lady always get me. Saludos.

niki dijo...

You're welcome, Isabelino. "Sunshine Lady" is my favourite song too on this CD. Saludos.