sábado, 8 de junio de 2013

fairport convention: meet on the ledge - the classic years (1967-1975), disc 2

1. Now Be Thankful
2. Bonny Bunch Of Roses
3. Walk Awhile
4. Sloth
5. Poor Will And The Jolly Hangman
6. The Journeyman's Grace
7. John Lee
8. Rosie
9. The Plainsman
10. The Hexhamshire Lass
11. Polly On The Shore
12. Bring 'Em Down
13. Rising For The Moon
14. White Dress
15. Stranger To Himself
16. One More Chance

Fairport Convention: Meet On The Ledge - The Classic Years (1967-1975), Disc 2

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Anónimo dijo...

Gracias - since the first part I was waiting and waiting ;-)

niki dijo...

You're welcome. Here it is, and I guess the waiting was worth it in this case.

iggy dijo...

Thank you for this and for the many more wonderful things you share with us. All of my good wishes to you.