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a choice collection of lessons and ayres 1663-1756

1. From 'Musick's Handmaid' published by John Playford - (1663)
(a) The Grange
(b) The Lord Mock's March (Thomas Gibbs)
(c) Gerald's Mistress

2. Matthew Locke - Suite No.4 in D major, from 'Melothesia' (1673)
Prelude: Almain: Corant: Saraband: Rant

3. From the second part of 'Musick's Handmaid' revised and corrected by Henry Purcell (1689)
(a) A new Irish Tune [Lillibullero] H. Purcell
(b) [Ground : Socca pur] [G.B. Draghi]

4. Henry Purcell - Suite No. 2 in G minor from 'A Choice collection of Lessons for the Harpsichord or Spinnet' (1696)
Prelude: [Almand]: Corant: Saraband

5. John Blow - [Mortlack's Ground]
from the second part of 'Musick's Handmaid' (1689)

6. Maurice Greene - Overture in D major from 'Six Overtures for the Harpsichord
or Spinnet' (c.1745)

Allegro: Andante: Presto

7. Thomas Arne - Sonata No. 6 in G, from '8 Sonatas or Lessons for The Harpsichord' (1756)
Affetuoso (G minor): Presto (G major)

8. James Nares - Lesson No. 2 in D major from 'Eight Setts of Lessons for the Harpsichord' (1747)
Allegro: Larghetto: Allegro: Jigg - Presto

9. Domenico Paradies - Sonata No. 6 in A major from '12 Sonate di Gravicembalo' (1754)
Vivace: Allegro

A Choice Collection Of Lessons And Ayres 1663-1756

Music by Gibbs, Anon, Locke, H. Purcell, Blow, Greene, Arne, Nares, Paradies, Draghi

Trevor Pinnock, harpsichord

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