jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

the cowsills: painting the day - the angelic psychedelia of the cowsills

1. The Rain, The Park And Other Things
2. Dreams Of Linda
3. Could It Be Let Me Know
4. Siamese Cat
5. We Can Fly
6. Mr Flynn
7. Beautiful Beige
8. Indian Lake
9. The Fantasy World Of Harry Faversham
10. Painting The Day
11. Hair
12. Love American Style
13. II X II
14. I Really Want To Know You
15. Start To Love
16. Signs
17. Goodtime Charlie
18. Anything Changes
19. Silver Threads And Golden Needles
20. Night Shift
21. The Prophecy Of Daniel and John The Divine
22. Don't Look Back
23. Father

The Cowsills: Painting The Day - The Angelic Psychedelia Of The Cowsills

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Gerard dijo...


niki dijo...

You're welcome, Gerard.

jamie dijo...

Thanks again NIKI.
What a terrific band - and a fine compilation you've shared!
THE RAIN THE PARK ... is a fabulous song really starting the 'sunshine pop' tag?
They had many great singles [WE CAN FLY, HAIR etc] and this CD delves further to good effect.

niki dijo...

Not at all, Jamie. I think my favourite song is "We can fly", but all the tracks included on this compilation are great.