miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2009

helen shapiro: at abbey road, 1961 to 1967

1. Don't Treat Me Like A Child
2. You Don't Know
3. Walkin' Back To Happiness - (take 2)
4. Walkin' Back To Happiness - (take 13 master)
5. Kiss 'N' Run
6. I Wanna To Be Happy
7. Let's Talk About Love
8. Tell Me What He Said
9. Little Miss Lonely
10. A Teenager Sings The Blues
11. I Can't Say No To Your Kiss
12. Sometime Yesterday
13. I Don't Care
14. Basin St. Blues
15. Every One But The Right One
16. Keep Away From Other Girls
17. A Dozen Other Boys
18. Queen For Tonight
19. Time And Time Again
20. Look Who It Is
21. Fever
22. Look Over Your Shoulder
23. It's In His Kiss
24. I Wish I'd Never Loved You
25. Shop Around
26. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
27. You're My Remedy
28. I'm Going Out (The Same Way I Came In)

Helen Shapiro: At Abbey Road, 1961 to 1967

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This looks fantastic!!!!
Is there any chance of a re-up please ?

Thank you.

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ees muy complicado alora per favor una vez repetar el up load????